Creating and Managing a Unique Network of Early to Mid-Stage Professionals and Students in Global Health Security

The Next Generation Network engages and facilitates contributions by emerging scholars, scientists, and professionals from government and non-governmental institutions to the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) and other global health security projects.
Through our mission, we promote the values of Inclusion, Collaboration, Education, Innovation, and Participation to approach and overcome the biggest challenges facing the health security fields today.

NextGen has members in 67 countries around the world


By expanding an international and interdisciplinary network of early to mid-stage professionals/students in global health security, the Next-Generation group facilitates future working relationships with private and public sector-based international partners that are essential to effective responses during public health emergencies.


By discovering and sharing novel ideas, and exploring new technologies, including utilizing emerging information technology, the group offers creative and non-traditional solutions to the GHSA portfolio that may facilitate current and future decision-makers during public health emergencies.  


By contributing to academic training, and educational campaigns, the group provides a distinctive commitment to public outreach and awareness, which is aimed at communicating information effectively among science, policy, and the general public vital to managing public health emergencies.

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